October 25, 2018
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11 Ideas for Raising Breast Cancer Awareness in Your Community

How to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Your Community

When October was designated as “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” nearly 30 years ago, the goal was to increase early detection of the disease. While most people are familiar with breast cancer, some remain unaware of the statistics or how important early detection can be.

Below are 11 of our favorite ideas for raising breast cancer awareness in your community. Each of these is a great way to show support, but their impact can be even more powerful with the conversations you start about breast cancer and early detection.

1. Wear the Ribbon

Most people know that the pink ribbon is the universal sign for breast cancer awareness. Wear a pink ribbon and ask your friends and family to do the same. Use it as a conversation opener for talking with people about breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

2. Put the Ribbon on Your Car

There are several stores and online resources that sell window clings and car magnets with the breast cancer awareness ribbon on them. You probably won’t have as many opportunities to start a conversation while driving around, but it’s a good way to easily spread the image of the ribbon around town.

3. Tie Pink Ribbons on Your Trees

Tying pink ribbons around the trees in your front yard or along a street in your neighborhood can create intrigue. You’ll likely get some people who will intuitively know what it’s for, and others will ask. This creates an opening to talk about breast cancer awareness and early detection.

4. Order & Distribute Awareness Swag

Help your work, church, or community group order breast cancer awareness pins, self-examination shower cards, or informational pamphlets to distribute. There are several resources online where these are available. Look for a business or organization that uses the official pink ribbon symbol as these organizations donate the proceeds of the purchase.

5. Participate in a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk or Run

There are several breast cancer awareness walks or runs that take place during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (and all year long). Participate in a walk or run and encourage friends and family to join. Don’t see an event in your area? Organize your own! Request pamphlets and swag from your local breast cancer association to distribute at your event.

6. Cut or Shave Your Hair

Raise donations from friends and family for breast cancer awareness. Once you hit your goal, commit to cutting or shaving your hair! If you have long locks, you may also be able to donate your hair for wigs for patients fighting cancer. There are many initiatives that support hair donation, including Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

7. Give Sweepstakes Calendars as Gifts

At Shop4Charity we offer a fun way to spread the word about breast cancer awareness: sweepstakes calendars. These calendars are inexpensive and provide multiple opportunities to win huge prizes such as trips, cars, or cash. Charity sweepstakes calendars start as low as $10 and can be a great way to generate buzz around breast cancer awareness. Since giveaways are scattered throughout the year, it reminds people to think about breast cancer even after Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over.

8. Encourage Business Owners to Participate

Encourage your work or local businesses to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many businesses are willing to donate a percentage of their sales and to offer pamphlets, ribbons, or pins at their locations.

9. Organize Education for your Workplace, Church Group,or Community Groups

Work with your local medical office to organize for a nurse or doctor to come out to speak about breast cancer and the three steps to early detection.

10. Have a Bake Sale to Raise Money and Awareness

Organize a fun fundraiser like a bake sale or rummage sale to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Before the big event, take a moment to read up on breast cancer statistics so you can help educate visitors and spread the word about early detection.

11. Spread the Word on Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach your friends and family. Take the opportunity to update your profile photo with a breast cancer awareness frame, share a story or experience, or share an article about the importance of early detection. You never know who might take the information to heart.

The Importance of Raising Breast Cancer Awareness

Raising breast cancer awareness has so many amazing purposes in the community. It helps to show support to loved ones impacted by breast cancer, increases education and awareness about the disease,starts conversations, and brings the community together for a wonderful cause.

Most importantly, however, it helps spread the word about steps women (and men) can take to detect breast cancer early. Early detection of breast cancer is one of the most significant ways to impact breast cancer survival. Since Breast Cancer Awareness month was enacted three decades ago, more and more women are proactively getting screened for breast cancer.This has helped increase early detection and helped to decrease the number of breast cancer deaths in Canada.

How Can You Make a Difference?

By getting involved in raising breast cancer awareness in your community, you can help increase support, education,and research about this terrible disease. You can also personally spread the word about early detection to women in your life which could—potentially—save a life.

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