October 25, 2018
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8 Reasons to Enter a Charity Sweepstakes

Entering Charity Sweepstakes vs. Donating Directly to Charity: Which Does More Good?

At Shop4Charity, we love the concept of sweepstakes over simply donating directly to the charity, but not for the reason you’d think! We believe that donating through charity sweepstakes is not only helps to make donating more fun but that it also increases awareness about the cause and helps to ultimately raise more money in donations.

Our philosophy is based around helping to encourage people to donate when they might not otherwise. We make donating accessible, easy, and fun for everyone regardless of donation amount!

What we’ve seen in this process is that people who otherwise wouldn’t donate are encouraged to participate, and those who are already regular donors are more eager to spread the word about the charity’s message and cause.

Here are 8 reasons we believe in donating to charity sweepstakes vs. donating directly to a charity

1. Helps Raise Awareness

It’s exciting to win charity sweepstakes,especially when the prize could be cash, cars or a vacation! Big sweepstakes winners tend to draw attention from news outlets and on social media, which is exposure that regular donations don’t receive.

Your participation in the charity sweepstakes vs. just donating the money directly to charity makes for a more interesting and shareable story. If you win (and are loud and proud about it),you’re helping to spread the word and getting people excited about participating themselves.

2. Is a More Fun Way to Donate

We know that you don’t need to have fun to donate money to charity, but we believe that having fun can make donating an even more positive experience! Reinvigorate your passion for giving to charity by entering charity sweepstakes. Even if you’re already a regular donor to charities, charity sweepstakes can help bring a little extra fun to the donation process.

3. It is Fun Gift for Others

One of the main reasons we see people entering charity sweepstakes vs. donating directly to a charity is because it’s more fun to give as a gift to others. During the holidays, charities see an influx of donations made in someone’s name to be given as a special gift to loved ones. An entry in charity sweepstakes (or purchasing a sweepstakes calendar) can be a fun way to provide this donation with the added joy of being entered to win big, exciting prizes!

4. Helps Encourage Charity in Children

Many parents choose to teach their children to set aside money every month to donate to charity, but most kids don’t see the joy or benefit in this practice. It can be tough to instill a mindset of giving when a child is too young to understand the concept of the good their donation provides. Incorporating charity sweepstakes into teaching your children about charity helps to provide positive reinforcement and excitement about charitable donations that can help drive their habit of donation for life.

5. Motivates People to Donate More

Whether you plan to donate a certain amount of your income to charity each year or were inspired to donate because of a personal connection with the cause, entering charity sweepstakes can help you achieve your goal. We find that many people who experience the fun reward of participating in charity sweepstakes are more likely to increase their donation in the following years.

6. Even Small Donations Matter

Some people who are interested in donating to charity are embarrassed to write a check for only $25-30. Some people feel intimidated knowing there are large donations being made regularly to a charity and wonder if their donation really has an impact. At Shop4Charity, our donations start at just $10 with a purchase of an adventure calendar, with small increment increases based on the type of calendar and the number of calendars you’d like to purchase. There is a donation package for anyone regardless of financial ability, and with no judgment or pressure.

When you donate through charity sweepstakes,the majority of your purchase is donated directly to a charity and is rewarded with additional entries to the fun sweepstakes drawings. We find this helps people feel more motivated to donate whether that donation is large or small,and to remove any hesitation due to donation size.

7. No Pressure

We know that people who are choosing to donate are doing so because they are truly hoping to provide some benefit to a better cause. While we may remind you of upcoming sweepstakes calendars, we will never solicit you for donations or pressure you into donating more than you’re comfortable donating. The charity sweepstakes donation is supposed to be fun, and we strive to keep it that way!

8. Encourages More Conversations

One of the biggest benefits of donating to charity sweepstakes vs. traditional charity donations is that it creates more conversation around the cause. The people who enter our charity sweepstakes, purchase calendars for friends and family, and talk about their experience on social media are driving huge impact for awareness and support of the charity.

Take advantage of the novelty of your charity sweepstakes experience and share it with others. Raising awareness about these sweepstakes helps to increase the support and excitement around this charitable drive while spreading the love for donating.

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