November 19, 2018
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Do Charity Sweepstakes Impact Breast Cancer Awareness?

How do Charity Sweepstakes Really Help Increase Breast Cancer Awareness?


More and more people are taking an interest in donating to charity through charity sweepstakes. In charity sweepstakes,instead of writing a cheque or making an in-kind donation to charity,participants will enter sweepstakes (typically through a purchase) that enters them to win a prize or prizes. The majority of the net proceeds of these sweepstakes typically go to charity.


Business people like to talk about awareness in terms of touch points (the number of times someone sees or hears about a product or brand) and recall (the individual knowing about or thinking about the product or brand). The standard statistic is that it takes 6-8 touch points to generate brand recall.

While charity and breast cancer awareness are different from traditional business or marketing landscapes, the need for touch points to increase awareness is still important. The more times an individual is presented with information about a cause or a charity, the more likely they are to recall information about the cause or to donate to the charity.

While charity sweepstakes aren’t a traditional means of raising breast cancer awareness, education, or donations,they do have a unique ability to increase touch points and awareness. This is because charity sweepstakes tend to generate a lot of buzz and are a creative(and simple) way to share interest.


Generates a Lot of Buzz

One of the main ways charity sweepstakes help impact breast cancer awareness is by the buzz they create. Most sweepstakes benefiting breast cancer awareness have large cash prizes, free trips, or car giveaways. These prizes are big and often generate a lot of excitement, especially around draw times. Most breast cancer sweepstakes organizations do a great job of talking about the cause and the associated charities. This can be a great mechanism to spread breast cancer awareness.Since the hype around the prizes is often large, this means more opportunities for the organization to spread awareness about breast cancer awareness and charities.

Starts Conversations

It can be difficult to bring up the subject of donating to charity in day-to-day conversations. The subject itself is often dry or boring and may be uncomfortable or unnatural for some Canadians to bring up in regular conversation. Sweepstakes, however, break the ice. Big prizes and fun giveaways are easy and enjoyable to talk about. This helps to start the conversation about breast cancer awareness in a fun, creative way.  

Shareable Online

Sweepstakes participants can increase the impact of their charity sweepstakes entries by sharing their experience on social media and celebrating other participants’ wins. By congratulating other winners, sharing prize stories, or sharing their own charity sweepstakes experience, the participant can help reach hundreds (or even thousands) of social media users who may not have otherwise have known about the charity sweepstakes. This increases the visibility not only of the sweepstakes but also of breast cancer awareness and breast cancer charities.


Prize Draws All Year Round

While breast cancer charities tend to receive a lot of attention during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the rest of the year tends to be a little quieter. However, charity sweepstakes can help keep breast cancer awareness in people’s minds by providing prize draws all year. Many charity sweepstakes have multiple draws all year round, including Shop4Charity which has daily cash draws, weekly trips, and bi-monthly car giveaways. This means participants in the sweepstakes get regular reminders about breast cancer awareness as they’re participating in drawings, checking in on winners boards,or helping spread the word on social media.

Entries are Easy to Gift

Many people love the idea of donating to charity in lieu of traditional holiday or birthday gifts. However, an entry to a charity sweepstakes can provide a similar charitable benefit while also making it extra fun and special for the recipient. Many charity sweepstakes such as the Canadian Cancer Society Lottery or 2019 Calendars for a Cause Sweepstakes include calendar giveaways which can be wrapped and given as gifts.


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Are you interested in learning more about charity sweepstakes that benefit breast cancer awareness? Click here to learn about easy (and fun!) ways to enter through Shop4Charity.

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