July 29, 2019
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It's Sweepstakes Time!

The 2020 Breast Cancer Calendar for Causes Sweepstakes is HERE!

2020 Calendar for Causes

We were so excited to launch our annual breast cancer calendar sweepstakes that we launched a month ahead of time! You heard right, the 2020 Calendar for Causes Sweepstakes in support of breast cancer is on now AND with a pre-sale offer of 4X the entries!

We have had a few inquiries about launching in July and wanted to let all of our past supporters know why. With exciting prizes and more special offers than ever, we wanted to give you more chances to WIN†. 

This year, we have big news. We’re talking BIG! Every calendar purchaser† has 1:1 ODDS! This means that when you enter our sweepstakes, you WIN†! We have cash and Shop4Charity Store gift cards available. The prizes don’t stop there - you can also win: 

  • 366 Daily Cash Prizes 
  • 52 Weekly Travel Certificate Prizes
  • 6 Bi-Monthly Car Prizes
  • A chance at the $10 MILLION GRAND PRIZE! 

4X the Entries is our Pre-Sale Promo on NOW!

Due to starting our Calendar for Causes Sweepstakes early, we wanted to give you our BEST offer yet! If you buy 10 calendars or more (before Friday, August 9th at midnight), you will receive 4X the ENTRIES Into our Sweepstakes. 4X! 

Let’s Talk About Our Incredible Cause Partners

With all the excitement of offers and prizes, we want to take a minute and talk about our cause partners. 

We pride ourselves on partnering with incredible charities that deliver real impact to real people. When you purchase at Shop4Charity, you are supporting people in your own communities who are affected by breast cancer. When you purchase your 2020 Calendar for Causes Breast Cancer Calendar, you support the Canadian Breast Cancer Network.

Every 2 purchases support 1 breast cancer patient with printed educational material.

After you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you may feel many emotions, including shock, fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, depression, anger, and more. Each person may have some or all of these feelings, and each will handle them in a different way. The Canadian Breast Cancer Network strives to voice the views and concerns of breast cancer patients through education, advocacy activities, and the promotion of information sharing.

With all this exciting news at Shop4Charity, we didn’t want you to miss out! 

Support and Win today!

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