December 3, 2018
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Meet Heidi

I'm Heidi and this is my story...

I have always been a supporter of breast cancer. My aunt unfortunately died from it, and my cousin is a breast cancer survivor. I am 55 years old, finally beat menopause and was feeling happy and healthy. I was told I only needed a mammogram every two years. In this busy world, who remembers? Two years go by so fast. Fortunately, I did remember, and I received a phone call that there was something suspicious looking on my left breast. I had no pain and felt no lumps so I wasn't too worried. After further testing it was obvious there was a mass. A biopsy proved it was cancer. This was late March. By May 4th I had a lumpectomy and surgery to remove three lymph nodes. The fabulous surgeon removed all the cancer from my breast but one lymph node showed a tiny spot of cancer. After talking to an oncologist, we decided chemotherapy was necessary, followed by radiation.

Well the rest of this year has been taken care of. Luckily, I have lots of sick time; there is no way I could possibly do my job as a nurse’s aid. I need to do 6 rounds of chemo every three weeks. Three down,three to go. Chemo is very intense, the amount of drugs streaming through your veins is incredible. Plus, you take drugs to counteract the drugs. My hair fell out two weeks after my first treatment. Worst experience of my life. One thing getting me through is the support of my friends, my daughter, and my son who has been incredible. Taking me to treatments and always by my side. And my mom who just listens. The doctor said exercise is what will get me through this and he is right.

I feel good most of the time, not many side effects. I bought twenty cash calendars from Shop4Charity this year and on July 3, 2017, my number was drawn for a travel voucher. How perfect and appropriate,to go on vacation after enduring this very intense disease. I am looking forward to my trip with my beautiful son and daughter. Thank you Shop4Charity.

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