December 3, 2018
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Meet Shelley

I'm Shelley and this is my story...

My name is Shelley C, I would like to tell you a story that has left a soft spot in my heart, and always will.

I am a breast cancer survivor of 5 years.

The year I was undergoing treatment, I was outdoing some Christmas shopping. I was in a jewellery store purchasing some charms for my nieces. While I was waiting for them to be wrapped, I was browsing and noticed a necklace that caught my eye. It was the one with the sterling silver boxing glove and the pink ribbon, which stands for "FIGHT LIKE A GIRL".

Maryanne was the sales lady assisting me with my purchase; she noticed I was looking at the pendant and asked if I would like to see it. I declined stating that I would get one after Christmas.

When I went to the cash to pay, Maryanne hands me the necklace and says "This is my Christmas present to you, please take it and wear it in good health". I said that I could not accept it, she insisted that I have it. I broke down into tears thinking how could a total stranger be so kind and generous?

Throughout my treatment, I met numerous people who were kind and generous. I wear that necklace today and every time I think about it, it gives me a warm feeling in my heart.

For all of the Maryanne's out there who go out of their way to show they care... I THANK YOU on behalf of all who are touched by breast cancer.

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