August 7, 2019
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The Shop4Charity Store is Back!

With the launch of our 2020 Calendar for Causes Sweepstakes, we want to offer our valued customers more reasons to support our incredible Cause Partners. This year, when you purchase a 2020 Sweepstakes Calendar, you have the opportunity to win Shop4Charity Store gift cards. So what’s at the store and why would you want to win and shop with us? Let’s take a peak: 

More For The Cause

First and foremost, we are a giant community of do-gooders. We want our store to reflect the impact that your support has made to so many of our incredible cause partners. With this in mind, we have teamed up with our various charities to offer you fun and exciting products that give back in a meaningful way. In this section you will find our famous Sweepstakes bundles, backpacks to help children in need, cute stuffed animals and so much more! Go on…. Check it out and make a difference today! 

More For Your Life

We know that your life is busy and when you choose to spend time online shopping, you want products that WOW! When you visit this section, you will find some great wellness, active lifestyle and gift ideas that are sure to please. 

More For Your Home

Home is where the heart is; where we hang our hats and retreat to recharge and relax. Whether you’re an art and decor enthusiast or looking for the perfect piece to add to your man-cave, there is something for everyone. If you’re looking for a house-warming present or gift idea, you can find it here! 

More For You

Indulge. Spoil. Treat. 

You work hard and sometimes you need to shop for yourself. Or maybe there is someone special in your life and you want to show that they matter? Our store has jewellery, watches and more - ready to delight every shopper. 

If you’re a cause-driven shopper and you want to shop by the impact you will have, we have you covered! You can choose which charity to support in our CAUSE section and make a difference immediately. 

With our seamless checkout process and secure shopping site, you can navigate with ease and enjoy the online experience. Make sure you continue to check our Shop4Charity Store regularly, as we are always adding great new items and evolving our store to meet your needs. 

Happy Shopping!

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