October 25, 2018
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What is a Charity Sweepstakes, and Should I Enter?

What is a Charity Sweepstakes, and Should I Enter?

A charity sweepstakes is a fun way to contribute to a charity by participating in a sweepstakes giveaway. It may be run by the actual charitable organization or it may be run by an external organization that donates its proceeds to charity.

In a charity sweepstakes, you typically make a donation or a purchase and are rewarded with entries to a sweepstakes. Your entries are used in a sweepstakes giveaway where winners for prizes are randomly drawn. The prizes depend on the organization hosting the sweepstakes, but can often include things like trips, cars, or cash.

How Does a Charity Sweepstakes Work, and Does It Actually Benefit Charity?

Most charity sweepstakes are either run by the actual charitable organization or are run by an external organization that donates to charity. If it is run by an external organization, that organization will tell you which charities the proceeds go to and what portion of your purchase will be donated.

To enter a charity sweepstakes, people typically:

1.     Make a donation or purchase through the sweepstakes organizer

2.     Receive sweepstakes entries based on your purchase/donation amount*

3.     Receive “draw codes” for each entry. Save these codes!

4.     When the entry period closes, prize winners will be randomly drawn and notified

5.     Proceeds and donations are donated to the specified charity

Do Charity Sweepstakes Actually Benefit Charity?

Absolutely! Charity sweepstakes like Shop4Charity donate the majority of their net proceeds to a designated charity. Since there are several entries to each sweepstakes, this usually means a sizable total cash donation to the charity!

Beyond cash, charity sweepstakes also play an important role in raising awareness and excitement around the charity.Sweepstakes and big prizes like cars and trips are exciting and tend to generate a lot of buzz and press. This can be a great way for the charity to drive extra awareness about their cause.

We also sincerely believe that making donating fun by providing these great prizes helps increase donations! A charity sweepstakes makes it fun (and easy)to donate to a meaningful charity and brings an extra bit of joy by entering donors to win fun prizes. Many of our customers add on a few extra products for friends or family as a special gift that gives back. This increases awareness and reach even further!

Should I Enter a Charity Sweepstakes? We Think So!

At Shop4Charity, we believe that charity sweepstakes help drive awareness to important causes while raising money for charity. Your contribution truly helps make a difference, and your participation in the sweepstakes helps generate essential excitement and interest for the charity.

Some of the other charity sweepstakes we love are:

They Help Spread Awareness

Charity sweepstakes can be a great way to help spread awareness with friends and family. Most charity sweepstakes entries or charity sweepstakes calendars can be given as gifts. This can be a fun way to give a special gift while raising awareness for the charity in a fun and exciting way.

They Show Support to Loved Ones

Do you know someone battling breast cancer or another cause supported by sweepstakes charities? If so, an entry to a charity sweepstakes could be a fun gift to help them know you’re supporting them while bringing a smile (and hopefully a great prize!) into their lives.

The Prizes Are Big & Exciting

When a charity sweepstakes is put together by an external organization, you can usually count on the prizes being pretty incredible. This is because the organizers are specifically looking for prizes that generate interest and excitement!

They Start Conversations About Charity

We also love charity sweepstakes because they are a conversation starter. Help make your donation more impactful by sharing your experience with friends and family, helping to celebrate other winners on social media, and inviting friends or family to participate in the sweepstakes.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready to join your first charity sweepstakes, then the first step is to find a charity sweepstakes that benefits your charity of choice. There are several sweepstakes available for different causes, including animal shelters, breast cancer awareness, and the Red Cross. Find the right sweepstakes for you, make your purchase or donation, then cross your fingers for a big win!

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